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How To Get A Business Loan

Looking for small business loans? Prosper can help you get personal loans to use for your small business.

Prosper loans are not traditional small business loans. Our personal loans are based on your credit score, and issued to you as an individual (not a business). For some small business owners needing loans, a personal loan won't answer their needs—but for other entrepreneurs, it's perfect. In some cases, such as when a business doesn't yet have a proven track record, our small business loans can provide lower rates or even just the ability to get a loan.

Whether it's a personal loan for a new business, a small business, or a larger, more established one, turn to Prosper for unsecured personal loans at the rates you've been searching for.

Peer-to-peer lending gives investors an opportunity to fund small business loans

Our lending model is based on people helping other people. Chances are, there are lenders in our marketplace community who would like to empower your new business or start-up by providing you a loan. Many of them understand what a struggle it can be to find the right loan, and they’re willing to help you financially.

Get Personal Loans for your New Business

Do you have a great idea for a first time new business, but lack sufficient backing for a loan? We understand getting new business loans can be challenging, but we may be able to help you and your new business with the loans you need.

Turn to Prosper for unsecured loans at great rates. You won't need to put up any collateral or refinance your home to get the funds you need. Personal loans for small business use are issued to you as an individual, and are dependent on your good credit. Because of this, Prosper can be perfect for a new small business.

Need a Personal Loan for your Small Business?

Being your own boss in a small business often isn't easy — but the rewards can be immeasurable. If you need loans for your small business, you've come to the right place.

One of the most difficult roadblocks to overcome can be finding the right small business loan at the great rate you need. And yet, small businesses provide the essential financial backbone in our local communities. At Prosper, we understand this.

Personal loans can be a sensible alternative to small business loans in situations where the small business doesn't yet have a solid history of profit, or can't currently provide the documentation and analysis a bank requires to consider a small business loan. The personal loan is issued to an individual—the business owner—based on their credit. It is ultimately their responsibility to pay back the loan.

Prosper is the right choice for Personal Loans for your Small Business

Prosper makes the entire process of getting loans for your new business or existing business easy. If you are new to Prosper, simply join as a borrower and request a loan by creating a listing. You choose the amount.

In your listing, we display a summary of your credit history, and you can write a personal note to our lenders telling them about yourself, your small business, and how you plan to use the loan. By personalizing your loan, you give lenders the opportunity to make more informed choices. At the same time, we keep your important information absolutely private.

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